24 February - Nicolas Cerf, Continuous variable quantum cryptography
24 February - Patrick Navez (Bruxelles), Optimal Cloning for entangled states
6 March - Prem Kumar (Northwestern University), Fiber-Optic Quantum Communication and Cryptography
1 April - Luigi Lugiato (Insubria), Quantum Images
5-7 May - Madalin Guta (Eurandom, Eindhoven), Short course on covariant measurements
9 May - Mario Rasetti (Torino), Topological quantum field theory methods in quantum computation: facing the challenge of P=NP
12-14 May - Koenraad Audenaert (Bangor,GB), Convex structures and Entanglement of formation
12-14 May - Madalin Guta (Eurandom, Eindhoven), Statistical methods for state estimation and quantum tomography
15 May - Oliver Rudolph, Criteria for separability
22 May - Francesco De Martini (Roma La Sapienza), Generation of Schroedinger-Cats through Quantum Cloning
30 May - Marco Genovese (IEN Galileo Ferraris Torino), Experimental studies on hidden variable theories at IEN
4 June - Paolo Mataloni (Roma La Sapienza), Generation, characterization and manipulation of two-photons entangled states
18-19 June - Hans Maassen (Nijmegen, Netherlands), Algebraic approach to quantum measurements and entropic uncertainty relations
November - Vladimir Buzek (Bratislava, Slovakia)
December - Alexander Lvovsky (Konstanz, Germany)