October 2005 - October 2006 , Pavia

We will have small working groups of researchers visiting the QUIT Group at Pavia. Each visitor/working group will stay for a period of time varying from a few days to two weeks, with a few exceptional longer visits of a month. Few visitors will be also invited to teach two-week mini-courses on topics of the workshop.

From our Italian grant (MIUR) funding is available to cover Hotel [no travel], some seminar fees as a coverage to expenses, or to pay short contracts for young researchers (for our regulations and rules see also bureaucracy tips).

The workshop will be higly interdisciplinary, grouping physicists, mathematicians, and philosophers, along with statisticians and computer scientists, also with the objective of developing a common language and bridging cultural gaps between the different disciplines.

A starting list of visitors with visiting dates is available in the following, it will be regularly updated, and will work as a condensation point for the groups of visitors. Visiting of young scientists will be encouraged. Also, external proposals to join existing groups or to start new groups will be considered, depending on availability of funds and local logistics.

Advisory Scientific Committee

Giacomo Mauro D'Ariano, ...

Local Organizing Committee

Paolo Perinotti, Massimiliano Sacchi.


  1. Foundations and Quantum theory of Measurements and Open Systems:
    1. Programmability of Measurements and Quantum Operations;
    2. Convex Structures of Channels, Measurements, and States;
    3. Ultra-sensitive Measurements;
  2. Applications:
    1. Quantum Cryptography;
    2. Applications of Entanglement to Measurements, Communications, and Quantum Processing ;
    3. Quantum and Classical Capacity of Channels;
  3. Algebraic Approaches and Group-Theoretical Methods;
  4. Quantum Turing machines;

Starting list of visitors

Period Visitor From Homepage Research topics
November 2-3 Prem Kumar Northwestern University Quantum Cryptography

Talk on February 2 at 11 am: Practical Quantum Communication and Cryptography for WDM Optical Networks

March 26-April 1 Rafal Dobrzanski Polish Academy of Sciences State estimation and correlations

Talk on March 27 at 2PM Aula Dottorato: Does classical communication help in cloning of entangled states?

Miniworkshop on Quantum Mechanics: Axiomatics of Measurements and connections with Computing and Information Retrieval, April 6-7
April 6-7 Roberto Leporini University of Bergamo Quantum Logic and Quantum Computing

Talk on April 6, 4PM Aula 109: Unitary and anti-unitary quantum descriptions of the classical NOT gate

April 5-7 Federico Laudisa Milano Bicocca Quantum Turing Machines

Talk on April 6, 5PM, Aula 109: Computation and Physical Laws

April 6-7 Giampiero Cattaneo University of Milano Bicocca Quantum Logic

Talk on April 7, 11AM Aula101: Satisfaction of Bell inequalities in the unsharp approach to quantum mechanics

April 5-7 Roberto Giuntini University of Cagliari Quantum Logic and Quantum Computing

Talk on April 7, 12AM Aula 101: The logics of Quantum Computation: results and open problems

May 18-June 12 Dirk Schlingeman Braunschweig Algebraic approaches

Talk on 17 May 11 AM Aula Dottorato: The Information-Disturbance Tradeoff and the Continuity of Stinespring's Representation

May 15-21 Dennis Kretschmann Braunschweig Algebraic approaches

Talk on 17 May 10 AM Aula Dottorato: Quantum Channels with Memory

Miniworkshop on Quantum Mechanics: Axiomatics of Measurements and connections with Computing and Information Retrieval II, June 28-29
June 25-30 Chris Fuchs Bell Labs Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics

Talk on 28 June 10 AM Aula Dottorato: Where Is the Reality in a Bayesian View of Quantum Mechanics?

June 27-30 Jeffrey Bub University of Maryland Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics

Talk on 28 June 11 AM Aula Dottorato: Quantum Computation: Where Does the Speed-up Come From?

June 25-July 1 Marcus Appleby Queen College, London Quantum Measurements

Talk on 28 June 2.30 AM Aula Dottorato: Symmetry, Bias and Tomographic Efficiency

June 27-30 Itamar Pitowski Hebrew University of Jerusalem Foundations of Quantum Mechanics and Probability

Talk on 29 June 10 AM Aula Dottorato: The quantum de Finetti - Dubins extension theorem: Gleason and coherence

June 27-29 Giovanni Valente University of Maryland Von Neumann Algebras and Foundations

Talk on 29 June 11 AM Aula Dottorato: Some rationality constraints on a Bayesian noncommutative conditionalization rule

June 27-30 Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara University of Florence Quantum Logic and Quantum Computing

Talk on 29 June 2.30 PM Aula Dottorato: Holistic quantum computational semantics and Gestalt-thinking processes