October 2006 - October 2007, Pavia

We will have small working groups of researchers visiting the QUIT Group at Pavia. Each visitor/working group will stay for a period of time varying from a few days to two weeks, with a few exceptional longer visits of a month. Few visitors will be also invited to teach two-week mini-courses on topics of the workshop.

From our Italian grant (MIUR) funding is available to cover Hotel [no travel], some seminar fees as a coverage to expenses, or to pay short contracts for young researchers (for our regulations and rules see also bureaucracy tips).

The workshop will be higly interdisciplinary, grouping physicists, mathematicians, and philosophers, along with statisticians and computer scientists, also with the objective of developing a common language and bridging cultural gaps between the different disciplines.

A starting list of visitors with visiting dates is available in the following, it will be regularly updated, and will work as a condensation point for the groups of visitors. Visiting of young scientists will be encouraged. Also, external proposals to join existing groups or to start new groups will be considered, depending on availability of funds and local logistics.

Advisory Scientific Committee

Giacomo Mauro D'Ariano, ...

Local Organizing Committee

Paolo PerinottiSacchi.


  1. Foundations and Quantum theory of Measurements and Open Systems:
    1. Programmability of Measurements and Quantum Operations;
    2. Convex Structures of Channels, Measurements, and States;
    3. Ultra-sensitive Measurements;
  2. Applications:
    1. Quantum Cryptography;
    2. Applications of Entanglement to Measurements, Communications, and Quantum Processing ;
    3. Quantum and Classical Capacity of Channels;
  3. Algebraic Approaches and Group-Theoretical Methods;
  4. Statistical Learning

Starting list of visitors

Period Visitor From Homepage Research topics
October 9-13 Miloslav Dusek Palacky Implementations

Talk on 11 October at 11 AM Aula Dottorato: 1) Several experimental implementations of phase covariant quantum cloner. 2)Experimental realization of the encoding of two qubits to one qutrit.

November 2 Seth Lloyd M.I.T. Boston Quantum Computation

Talk on November 2nd at 3PM Aula Dottorato: A theory of quantum gravity based on quantum computation

November 14-17 Andrzej Jamiolkowski Torun Quantum Tomography

Talk on November 15th at 11 AM Aula Dottorato:On some concepts of stroboscopic tomography of quantum open systems

November 15- December 15 Dirk Schlingeman Hamburg Quantum Channels and Quantum Cryptography

Talk on December 12 at 10 AM Aula Dottorato: On the structure of Clifford quantum cellular automata

December 12 Teiko Heinonen Turku, Finland Quantum Tomography

Talk on December 12th at 11 AM Aula Dottorato: Intrinsic unsharpness and approximate repeatability of quantum measurements

January 16-19 Stefano Mancini Camerino Quantum feedback

Talk on January 17th at 11 AM Aula Dottorato: Quantum feedback control of entanglement

19 February Marco Bellini Firenze Homodyne Tomography

Talk on February 19th at 2 PM Aula Dottorato: Generation, manipulation, and tomographic analysis of quantum states of light

April 16-May 11 Rafal Dobrzanski Polish Academy of Sciences Correlations in cloning

Talk on April 24 at 2PM Aula Dottorato: Behavior of the Holevo bound

May 27-29 Jeffrey Shapiro MIT Boston Channel capacities

Talk on May 28 2PM Aula Dottorato: Classical Information Capacity of Bosonic Communications: Single User, Multiple Access, and Broadcast

May 23-26 John Shawe-Taylor Southampton Statistical learning

Talk on May 24 at 2PM Aula Dottorato: A Framework for Probability Density Estimation

May 24-25 Barry Sanders Calgary Quantum Optics

Talk on May 24 3PM Aula Dottorato: Efficiently simulating evolution of states on a quantum computer

May 14-June 12 Dirk Schlingeman Hamburg Quantum Cathegory Theory. Continuous-outcome Quantum Measurements

May 1-October 31 Dennis Kretschmann Braunschweig Algebraic approaches to Quantum Mechanics

Talk on ? Dottorato: title do be decided

May 21-25 Susana Huelga Hertfordshire Many body implementations

Talk on May 22 at 2PM, Aula dottorato: Stochastic Resonance Phenomena in Quantum Many-Body Systems

Sept. 24-27 Nilanjana Datta Cambridge UK Quantum channels

Talk on Sept. 25 at 11AM, Aula dottorato: Memory effects in Quantum Information Theory

October 8 Andreas Winter Bristol GB Information theory

October 8 2PM, Aula Dottorato: Informal discussion

Oct. 28 - Nov. 4 Masanao Ozawa Sendai JP Quantum measurements and information-disturbance tradeoffss

Talk on Nov. 2nd, 11AM, Aula Dottorato: Universal Uncertainty Principle and Noise in Quantum Computing

Lecture on Oct. 30 4-7PM, Aula Dottorato: On the notion of precise measurement of a given observable in a given state: related papers: [1] [2]

Lecture on Oct. 31 4-7PM, Aula Dottorato: non standard analysis in Quantum Mechanics and the phase observable: related paper: [1]

Nov. 2 Francesco Buscemi Tokyo JP Information Extraction versus Disturbance

Talk on Nov. 2nd, 2PM, Aula Dottorato: Information Extraction versus Disturbance in Quantum Theory: An Information theoretic Approach